Exerpted Speech from “What A Life”

Well, here I am finally. I wonder what I am going to find? It has been so lonely this past time in space. Let me just open this shade….


Wow! Look at that! Unbelievable! Only 5 Billion units old now and it will live another 10 Billion units. Such a beautiful, vibrant, bright-yellow colour. What lovely bursts of incandescent reddish flame erupting from its surface. Hey, that one nearly got me – good thing I saw it in time and swerved to miss it. What does it say on the information plate?

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Exerpt from “What A Life” by Ivan Scott

1. Why is air invisible?
2. What purpose do human’s have on earth?
3. Why does the earth exist?
4. What is “instinct”?
5. Do we, or other blood-containing life forms, have a “soul”?
6. Are humans entitled to kill and eat other life forms?
7. Is the Bible just a wonderful fantastic story or the actual word of GOD?
8. Why is religion the cause of more wars/deaths than any other?
9. Where did we come from when we were born, and where do we go when we die?
10.Does God exist?
11.Is zero an actual number?
12.What have you done today to improve all of our lives?

1. No idea
2. No idea
3. No idea
4. No idea
5. Yes
6. No
7. A story
8. Arrogance of humans
9. No idea
10.No idea
12.No idea

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THE STORIES – an exerpt from “What A Life”

The stories that follow are short reminiscences of certain things that happened during my lifetime, and when I decided to sit down and write something, they sprung out and flowed through my pencil onto the paper. They are not the most important stories that I could tell, but they are simple and true and perhaps entertaining to you, the reader.

There are seven of them (out of a potential of thousands), who talk of the “man”, his “wife” and his “children” – that man is me. I apologize to no one for the stories nor for their content. I was never known at high school as being able to write a decently put together essay – Taffy Jones, the head English teacher would always say “why can you not be like Howard Scott?” who was good at English, but not so good at anything else.

It is all too often these days when we go to a funeral to celebrate the deceased’s life (which is happening more and more as I get older), that we hear someone say: “I wish I had sat with him/her and had captured his life story before he died, I bet it was interesting”. We all lead interesting lives, and each have a zillion interesting stories to tell and I am sure there would be plenty of family and friends who would be interested in hearing a whole lot of them – notice the repetitiveness of the word “interesting”.

There are five stories of things that have happened surrounding Jinx, our dog, of which I am extremely fond. I often imagine that if I were the storyteller in Sir Percy Fitzpatrick’s book – Jock of the Bushveld – the title would rather have been Jinx of the Bushveld, as she has all of the qualities that Jock had.

I enjoyed the challenge of putting these stories down on paper and will probably never do it again, unless some large publishing house comes forward with a couple of million dollars up front money and forces me to write again, so spread the word to the publishing houses!

I hope you enjoy.

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