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Why write a/the book – Survive or Die?

Firstly, I want to answer the question that gets invariably raised when I give presentations of the book as to what was my original motivation for even thinking about writing a silly thing such as a book at all. Well,

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PERFECT by Ivan Scott

The first turtle emerges from the blue Takes a breath of flawless air Lays her eggs in an un-spoilt, pristine beach Forty babies will emerge and return to Atlantis Nature is perfect The forty millionth turtle emerges from the brown

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Unacceptable by Ivan Scott

Day breaks Another day in paradise Even paradise has its problems These problems are unacceptable Shot fired A mother shot and killed Killer caught, not killed – presumed innocent This presumed is unacceptable Car crash Crash caused by drunkenness Drunkenness

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Exerpted Speech from “What A Life”

Well, here I am finally. I wonder what I am going to find? It has been so lonely this past time in space. Let me just open this shade…. Wow! Look at that! Unbelievable! Only 5 Billion units old now

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Exerpt from “What A Life” by Ivan Scott

IVAN’S QUESTIONS 1. Why is air invisible? 2. What purpose do human’s have on earth? 3. Why does the earth exist? 4. What is “instinct”? 5. Do we, or other blood-containing life forms, have a “soul”? 6. Are humans entitled

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THE STORIES – an exerpt from “What A Life”

The stories that follow are short reminiscences of certain things that happened during my lifetime, and when I decided to sit down and write something, they sprung out and flowed through my pencil onto the paper. They are not the

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