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Who was it that said: “It takes a whole village to raise a child”? Evidently one source states that this saying is in actual fact an old native American (Omaha Indian) proverb and cannot be ascribed to any one modern day

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What’s The Point?

Why are we here? Does life have a purpose – and if life has no purpose, can it have meaning? The question applies to all life as we know it and not just to human life. (Who decides what our

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Race For Survival – Do You Care?

Cheetahs once ranged across the entire African continent, except for the Congo Basin, and into Asia from the Arabian Peninsula to eastern India. Today, cheetahs are found in only 23% of their historic African range and are extinct in their

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The Population Bomb

It has been estimated that the human population of 6000 BC was about five million people, taking perhaps one million years to get there from two and a half million. The world population did not reach 500 million until almost 8,000

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Why write a/the book – Survive or Die?

Firstly, I want to answer the question that gets invariably raised when I give presentations of the book as to what was my original motivation for even thinking about writing a silly thing such as a book at all. Well,

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New book published: Survive or Die

Survive or Die by Ivan Michael Scott is now available on Also on in paperback or Kindle. Thanks to everyone who has purchased early copies of the book and given feedback to me personally. I hope you will

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Review Survive or Die

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