Corporate Clients

If you are a business executive whose goals are:

  • Your company to become your industry’s, and your clients’, “supplier of choice”
  • Your company to be “top class”, staffed with trained and motivated “top class” career-focused employees who will also strive to make your company top class
  • Your high potential employees to achieve their potentials as soon as possible and become extremely valuable company team members
  • To win the game (with your Top Team).

Then WCS can help you by business coaching your chosen employees.

How we can help you

We take your chosen “high potential” employees and we coach them in business acumen and on how to become far more valuable employees to you.

  • We establish what their personal job aspirations, career goals and objectives are within your organization
  • We develop together with them, a business career plan and path that would satisfy their aspirations and goals within a practical time frame
  • We give them all the tools, instruction, and skills necessary for them to potentially achieve their career plans
  • We coach them on how to implement these newly acquired skills in the business environment in order to get full advantage for your company

By doing this, we assist corporations in developing committed internal stakeholders who can then be more easily fast-tracked to future company leadership positions. The result is the eventual achievement of an organization that is fast moving, agile, and staffed with creative, well trained and trusted people.

The Winning Career Skills (WCS) Coaching Program

The program coaching sessions take the form of individual one-on-one interactions (three hours per one day per week), over a continuous ten week period, and each being led by the WCS Coaching Program director. There are 19 modules in the program, including amongst others: Analysis of Self; (personality traits); Business and Career Path (goals analysis); Become a Class Act (top class thinking); Motivation in Business (leadership and team building).

For further information on the WCS Coaching Program see Program Information. If you have questions please Contact Us.

What people are saying:

Graduates declare significant improvements in their all-round job performances. They indicate much more positive interactions with both their peers and superiors. They are working smarter and are making better decisions. They have an improved self-confidence, and are more focussed, enthusiastic and determined to help make a difference in their companies. They show a new-found ambition to control the challenges of their professional and personal lives more easily.

“The WCS Coaching Program is the most important step I have taken in my career since obtaining a law degree. After the first three weeks of the course, my colleagues began to comment on my new attitude and my superiors noted a positive difference. Ivan's advice is priceless.” – Joseph F.

“Winning Career Skills is much more than just another program on business leadership and acumen. It is an inspiration and road-map on how to achieve one’s business career and personal life goals. It gave me the tools, as well as the insights, to enable me to re-fire my journey to my final goal of success and becoming ‘top class’.” – Ilona S.

“The WCS Coaching Program was very good and it really made me think about things in a different light”. – Louise S.