The Winning Career Skills (WCS) Coaching Program

The WCS Coaching Program is an intense program offered to companies and corporations for their “high potential” candidates that they would like to see take their careers to the next level in the short term, and to their ultimate potential over the longer term. Candidates are individually coached and given the tools on how to achieve their career aspirations and goals in the shortest practical time frame allowed.

The WCS Program gets candidates to decide on their career goals, both in the medium and longer term. It teaches and coaches them to concentrate on addressing the important challenges that they will encounter in their careers. They will gain insight of themselves and the kinetics of human conduct in the different work situations that will affect them. It will make an invaluable impact in their determination, and the resultant achievement of their career aspirations. They will become much more valuable employees.

By taking the WCS Coaching Program, candidates will:

  • Get exceptional one-on-one career coaching and personal feedback
  • Be exposed to potential business scenarios, and explained to as to what their roles are in their career path plans
  • Encourage their inner drives and realize what it takes to plan and achieve successful careers
  • Succeed

Career challenges and issues that candidates will address in the WCS Coaching Program include:

  • Attaining the proficiency and confidence to help lead changes in their companies
  • Using their influence wisely to assist in expanding the corporation’s capabilities
  • Advancing key affiliations in the office and with clients and customers
  • Identifying their inner strengths and utilizing them to assist the company to achieve its goals

The WCS Coaching Program is for candidates that companies would like to see take their career ambitions to fulfilment within the shortest time frame possible. Candidates will generally have a minimum of six to ten years of work experience, and come from a wide range of industries, professions and positions. The Program is equally applicable to women and men.

The WCS Coaching Program uses an individualized one-on-one teaching format, with both formal coursework, and homework. Candidates are given the tools, instruction, coaching, and learning materials to develop the skills they need to succeed in a business environment, and also graduate from the Program. There are real-life on-site role plays and discussions with experts in order for candidates to become recognized and professional “top class” acts.

The Program
The WCS Coaching Program consists of a 19 module course with instruction taking place over a period of ten consecutive weeks, in a one-on-one format (three hours per one day per week). The instructor will instruct, advise, role play; either as an instructor, advisor, mentor, client, customer, colleague, competitor, etc.; as required during the course. This is a very interactive course and includes on-site classroom sessions, off-site sessions, and a presentation skills session to a selected audience. This is not an easy program from the point of view of content, volume and time management – there is much preparation and written work to be done.

The 19 modules are split into the following four groups:

Modules 1 to 6  Self- Analysis; Career Aspirations; Development of Goals
Modules 7 to 11 Career Plan
Modules 12 to 17 Building a Brand; Becoming Top Class
Modules 18 to 19 The Way Forward

Each module is monitored and the candidates’ progress is evaluated in accordance to compliance, attitude, and objectives of the module. Candidates are required to commit to themselves (by signature) as to the actions and strategies they will undertake in order to achieve these actions and strategies. Before advancing to the following session, the candidates are given feedback on these commitments, and a plan to comply with these is developed (if necessary).

Individual personal, on-site instruction in the Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada area, but the WCS Coaching Program is also available globally on-line.

Anytime the candidate is ready to proceed.

For 2015/2016: US$2775.00


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