Exerpt from “What A Life” by Ivan Scott

1. Why is air invisible?
2. What purpose do human’s have on earth?
3. Why does the earth exist?
4. What is “instinct”?
5. Do we, or other blood-containing life forms, have a “soul”?
6. Are humans entitled to kill and eat other life forms?
7. Is the Bible just a wonderful fantastic story or the actual word of GOD?
8. Why is religion the cause of more wars/deaths than any other?
9. Where did we come from when we were born, and where do we go when we die?
10.Does God exist?
11.Is zero an actual number?
12.What have you done today to improve all of our lives?

1. No idea
2. No idea
3. No idea
4. No idea
5. Yes
6. No
7. A story
8. Arrogance of humans
9. No idea
10.No idea
12.No idea

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