Why write a/the book – Survive or Die?

Firstly, I want to answer the question that gets invariably raised when I give presentations of the book as to what was my original motivation for even thinking about writing a silly thing such as a book at all. Well, I would like to defer to the preface of my book: Survive or Die – Business Transformational Lessons Given by the Animal Kingdom. Here it is:
“Ivan, take this course!”

“Ivan, attend that seminar!”
“All right, Ivan, now that you have all that education in you, go back to what you were doing before and forget it all! Nothing will ever change! We’re OK as is.”
How many times have you heard statements like these? Being talked to this way is equivalent to opening the door so that you can see out, but putting up a locked security gate so that you cannot get out. Eventually, you get sick and tired of these training schemes, so you start looking to join another organization that is more aligned with your career goal of survival.
Or do you?
I was in corporate America for many years, and I became incredibly frustrated about being trained in “how to do” but then not actually being allowed “to do.” Why put vice presidents, managers, and others in charge if the plan is to micromanage them and not let them get on with what they are being paid the big bucks to do?
I eventually got out of corporate life. Then, after having my own business for some years, I began to wonder if there were any business-management lessons to be learned from nature’s world and whether these could be incorporated into human business models. Since my heritage is African, I put this business book together using various African animal species that are to be viewed as “businesses” in their own right and by using the “markets,” “threats,” and “strategies” they face as illustrations that I hope will help us understand the basics of business again. I am sure animals the world over face similar challenges of survival to those that humans face.
Each story’s challenges and strategies can be analyzed on their own, and parallels to the human business world can be drawn and discussed.
The fables at the beginning of each chapter show that similar survival challenges have been on the minds of animals and people since the fables were written in about 600 BC. The animals in my stories identify their problems and then implement their carefully thought-out solutions to these problems.
It has been fascinating to investigate what animals do to ensure their survival in an extremely hostile environment. Business today is very similar. You have no friends out there—it is a dog-eat-dog, cat-eat-cat, leopard-eat-baboon, company-eat-company
Survival is paramount. Lives are at stake. The animals know.
I guess the objective in writing a non-fiction book (even in a fiction way) is because you feel that there is something of value within you that you would like to share with others. I don’t think this is arrogance per se, but I think as you approach your mortality, you realize that there has been an incredible experiential investment made in you that you could give to others in some way shape or form if you desired to. In view of the fact that science has not yet reached the stage of being able to electronically download this from your brain (and I am sure it will come), the only way to do it now is from the oral to the written word.
So that is why I wrote the book. The animals know why also.

IMS (15 Nov 2015)

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